Segmentation is fabricated on the theory that diversity in demand permits for demand to be disaggregated into segments with individual demand functions. Fanioli Holdings will help you achieve competitive improvement and higher performance. We will help you identify sections of industry demand, target precise sections of demand, and bring out specific marketing amalgams for each directed market segment.

A foremost footstep in the segmentation process is the assortment of a right customer base. We look for a suitable means of attaining the core consistency – similarity within the sectors – and external heterogeneity – differences between sectors. We search for a process that mitigates differences between associates of a segment and increases differences between each segment. The segmentation approach essentially yields segments that are meaningful for the specific marketing problem or situation.

Marketers can segment the market using any base or variable if it is recognizable, important, receptive, and steady. Identifiability denotes to the level to which managers can find discrete sets inside the marketplace. Substantiality refers to the degree to which a part or group of customers epitomizes an adequate size to be lucrative. This could mean suitably fat in number of public or in buying power.